The world’s future is already here but is yet hard to see. Join us and discover innovations, technologies, and everything you need to know to choose which future belongs to you.

Innovation Discovery is a unique boutique with the aim to boost and diffuse the most advanced technologies and design new disruptive innovations. The company is composed of a team of consultants who develop strategies for international markets, manage teams in different countries, and develop opportunities for innovative ideas.

Innovation Discovery wants to provide users with the opportunity to discover how innovations can be incorporated into users' daily lives. The company’s mission is to connect the world’s innovations to make them more diffused and successful. When users join Innovation Discovery, they gain access to innovations, technologies, innovative talents, dealers, installers, consultants, joint venture partners, testers, incredible skills, updates, and insights. 

The company exclusively deals with the design, development, promotion, and dissemination of technological innovation. Innovation Discovery uses state of the art technologies to optimize the processes of creating and managing innovative ideas, helping companies define and achieve their research and development (R&D) objectives.

Innovation Discovery’s services can be broken down into four main categories:

Business Technology
Innovation Discovery supports customers in applying science, data, engineering, and information for business purposes, such as the achievement of economic and organizational goals.
Technology Transfer
The company helps to facilitate the process of transferring technology to your organization by concerted efforts to share skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing and samples of manufacturing to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to your company that can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials, or services.
Technology roadmapping
Innovation Discovery designs a flexible plan to support strategic and long-range business goals by matching short term and long term goals with specific technology solutions. This applies to a new product or process and may include using technology forecasting or technology scouting to identify suitable emerging technologies and go to market strategies.
Technology Scouting
Innovation Discovery identifies emerging technologies to channel into your organization and supports the adoption of them. This will be done by an interactive matching process between external technologies and the internal requirements of your organization for strategic purposes and company growth.

Innovation Discovery capabilities to search and identify existing innovative solutions, and design novel technologies, made us working with companies around the world. Soon we understood that the innovation process is not efficient at all, and companies are wasting a lot of resources to identify novel technologies to adopt. To find out how to help more companies, we interviewed Chief Innovation Officers, Directors, or VP’s of innovation of multinational companies, to understand what were the different challenges innovators faced every day, and what possible solutions could exist to accelerate the technology adoption process. You can see our findings and conclusions in the report “Mastering Technology Scouting” downloadable for free on our webpage.

The top problems identified include:

  • MINDSET - The biggest limit in innovation;

  • MATCH - Critical to success;

  • ASSESSMENT - The bottleneck to the innovation process;

  • TIME - A finite resource.

Starting from this point, it was clear that all of them had a common denominator: the MINDSET.

We can find any type of solution to try to accelerate the process, but people's mindset is the most significant barrier in the diffusion of innovation. 

This became our mission: how to overcome people’s mindsets and help companies find innovative solutions to be adapted in weeks, not months or years.