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  • Getting back to the fundamentals: redesign your innovation process to become the technology leader of your sector.

  • The well-known, but poorly understood way to accelerate the technologies identification and adoption process

  • The innovative approach that completely changes the technology scouting process.

Who is this for

This tool is for Chief Innovation Officers, VPs of Innovation, Innovation Directors, heads of innovation…..

  • Innovators that want to discover disruptive technologies to adopt before their competitor's
  • Companies that aspire to become a technology leader in the market
  • Teams that want to avoid choosing the wrong technologies waste tons of time and money following not suitable solutions

You don’t want to miss the right technology opportunity and desire to see the adoption of innovative solutions moving forward quickly and easily.

You already know that makes totally no sense to waste months in finding and evaluating possible novel solutions and in the end be able to adopt only a fraction of them.

Innovation is the key. Nowadays if you want to succeed on the market and you don’t want to go out of business you must innovate. No excuse. And you have to do it fast because technology grows exponentially. Do you want proof? Do you know that 40% of the fortune 500 companies have gone in the last 10 years? This means that if you want to survive in your market, you must learn how to innovate before your competitors.

You can be the technology leader in your sector using the current scouting process, attending technology events, asking your professional network and consultants, using innovation tools/databases or startup resources.

However, there is a problem with the current methodology used to scout innovative solutions, it is not optimized and efficient, it makes wasting your time and money. Only a few companies in the world are using more disruptive approaches and are leading the future….and you know who they are.


The Innovation Discovery capabilities to search and identify existing innovative solutions, and design novel technologies, make us think about how to improve the technology scouting process. So we interviewed innovation leaders of multinational companies, in order to understand their everyday challenges and find possible solutions to accelerate the technology adoption process. Based on that, we identified the top 4 problems:

  1. The MINDSET - The biggest limit in innovation; No doubt about it.

  2. The MATCH - Really Critical to success; How you can find a solution that satisfies your need?

  3. The ASSESSMENT - A big bottleneck in the innovation process;

  4. And of course TIME - A limited resource that sometimes is the excuse for a failure

Starting from this point, what was clear was that all of them have a common denominator: the MINDSET.
We can find any type of solution to try to accelerate the process, but people's mindset is the most significant barrier in the diffusion of innovation. 

This became our mission: how to overcome people’s mindsets and help companies find innovative solutions to adapt in a fraction of the current needed time.


The current innovation process used by corporates is a non-linear approach, with redundant phases, that in most cases, are not efficient, not adequate, and could provide not the best possible solutions, but only one that could work. So in the end, the risk of choosing the wrong technology is pretty high.

Analyzing the data and the strategies provided by the innovation experts we have identified a most effective strategy and designed a linear approach that provides a better outcome.



The biggest limit in innovation is the MINDSET.

We can find any type of solution to try to accelerate the process, but people's mindset is the most significant barrier in the diffusion of innovation. 

It sounds unbelievable, but it looks like the process to innovate is not innovative enough! Let’s start to redefine it, changing the fundamentals of the process.

Focusing on the MATCH is the solution and will overcome all the MINDSET limits. Do not miss this opportunity. Be sure the TECHNOLOGY OUTCOMES perfectly MATCH the real company GOALS.

So now the question is….how can I perfectly MATCH the company GOALS with a specific TECHNOLOGY?

Currently, companies are using several ways to track the innovation landscape. Below an overview of them.

So, in the end, you can use one or all of those possible approaches to scouting technology solutions


you can decide to use our

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Supercharge your technology scouting using Big Data

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It is not going to work for me
Totally understandable, for this reason, we are offering an onboard call and a matching-guarantee for the first month: to be sure you will be satisfied with the final results. We are not here just to sell a product, we have the mission to promote and diffuse innovation. If this would not work for you, we want to understand what we are missing to improve our solution and make it great also for you.
But if you are still not convinced, You can try it also for free.....why do not give it a try? It is easy and fast to set up, only 5 minutes and you will be advised when your search is ready. If you need help, just contact us and we can run the searches for you.
I don’t need it
That’s a common objection because each company has already found its own strategy to find technologies. But on average companies are spending 10k dollars per month for finding novel technologies, and needed 3 months to identify possible solutions. If you are in the same situation, give us a try and you will not regret it.
It is too expensive
We totally understand you have to associate your investment with a direct return. For this reason, we offer different plans affordable to everyone. Moreover, you can test the service for free and decide to buy just a single search for a really small amount of money in comparison to the results you can get.
I have no time to test it
That’s exactly the key point to using our tool. Finding innovative solutions is one of the most time-consuming activities with an extremely low percentage of success. With the Technology Search Engine, you can set up a search in 5 minutes and save months of work. Time will not be an issue anymore.
I don’t trust you
We agree with you that trust needs to be built with time and results. For this reason, we are offering different ways to evaluate our service: Check the DEMO searches on our webpage, to find the most interesting solutions related to the emerging technologies of the year; Test our solution using our free version; Rely on the onboard call and the Matching-guarantee: if in the first 30 days, you cannot find solutions that match your needs, we support you in all the searches without a match to find the wanted technology. If we cannot satisfy your search, you will be fully refunded.




What distinguishes you from everyone else?
We allow you to find matching solutions for your need in days instead of months.
Who are you guys, anyway?
Innovation Discovery is a team of innovators with decades of experience dedicated to accelerating the innovation adoption process.
What happens if I wait?
Currently, we are in "launching mode". Joining us now, you can use our service at an advantageous price, getting competitive advantages on your competitors and be able to drive the new features design process of the solution, having advanced access on them.
What results will I actually get from this? 
You will get top technologies matching your needs in days, accelerating your entire technology scouting process and optimizing your innovation process. This will allow you to arrive on the market with more innovative solutions in less time, becoming in the time the technology leader of your sector.
What exactly am I signing up for? What are the features and benefits?
You will have access to the Technology Search Engine tool, where you can perform global searches to identify the best technologies matching your company's needs. You will be able to preview the results in our user interface, organize your data, download locally and share them with anybody. This will allow you to perform: horizontal and vertical technology scouting, technology assessment, and startup assessment much more easily and faster than with any other tool or method. Check the DEMO to explore the type of results and sign-up for the FREE TRIAL to try the tool.
How much does it cost?
The cost of a single search is 30 times less than current methodologies used, providing up to 10 times more results. For a detailed price overview, check the PLANS page. The price for new customers will raise once the new version will be released. Be sure to guarantee you your price now.
Are there any long-term contracts?
You have different options to choose from. A free version with one complimentary search per month. The possibility to buy a single search, a monthly plan, or a yearly plan. For a detailed overview, check the PLANS page.
What’s included in the on-board call?
We will train you about how to optimize the search inputs based on your desired results. Currently, most people are familiar with regular search engines like google. We tried to make our search approach for the user most similar to it, but to get amazing results, it is needed to understand how to write properly a request to get over-the-top results. On the webpage, you can find several hints and examples about how to write a search, on the on-board call we will guide you in writing your own searches, providing unique insights.
What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?
We accelerate the technology scouting process, finding 10 times more novel solutions matching your company goals in days, boosting the entire innovation process. Check our CASE STUDIES page for real-life scenarios.
Where did you get the idea to offer this solution?
We have a decade of experience in design innovation sustaining companies & startups. Our daily work made us clearly understanding the technology scouting process was not efficient and effective at all. So we decided to interview Chief Innovation Officers, VPs of Innovations, and Head of Innovation of multinational companies, to identify possible solutions. You can see our findings in the Mastering Technology Scouting Report we crafted. Based on that, we designed the Technology Search engine.
What about if the company or the colleagues are skeptical about this?
Totally understandable. Do not force them to use it, but start using it by yourself. Once you are providing better outcomes quicker, they will ask you how possible it is, and that’s will be the time to show the magic.
Does this work for any type of market?
Yes, it does. The approach works properly in any market. In the most complex you need only to dig deeper into the needs in order to better identify them before starting looking for solutions, but this approach works and provides much better results than the current one used.
Does this work for any company size?
Sure. This approach is independent of company size, it works for large enterprises, small businesses, and even freelancers. In large companies, you probably have to use it by yourself first in order to prove to others it works, before convincing them, but they will be interested in it for sure once you provide better outcomes.
Does this work for any type of technology?
Yes of course. You are looking for solutions and solutions are everywhere. This is an approach that will just change the way you are looking for them. Can be applied to any type of technology, but also any solutions search.
What should I do to start? 
Try to understand business requirements in deep and ask questions about the reason behind them. Most of the time, the first mistake in finding the right technology, is inside the initial request. Then, remember that innovative solutions can arrive from everywhere, a large company as a single innovator, from a large country or a small unknown town, from your competitor like a company in a totally different sector. Do not set limits, limits are the first enemy of innovations, look everywhere and be focused on the NEED, not the technology.
What should I do to fight the mindset?
Don’t do that. Fighting the mindset is a game lost. You have to satisfy the mindset, giving what it really needs. Find what is the reason behind a specific requirement and satisfy that.
How should I convince other people or departments to use this approach?
Don't do that! As written, mindset is difficult to change. You have to prove to them it works. Start using it by yourself, and show the results you can provide. Once you provide better outcomes quicker, they will ask you how you achieved them.

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Innovation Discovery is supported by a heterogeneous team of innovators dedicated to accelerating the innovation adoption process

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