Mindset is the leading factor that drives innovation. Because mindset transition is a gradual and continual process, the biggest challenge facing the innovation departments at big companies is leveraging the right mindset. In this article, we share tips about a few organizational practices that help overcome the “wrong” organizational mindset in innovation.


Promote A Culture Of Innovation

The biggest obstacle to leveraging the right mindset is the company culture. Our research suggests about 40% of what deters creating the right innovative mindset in an organizational setup is the company culture. The conservative approach to embracing new ideas and novel solutions often restricts businesses from taking even calculated risks with their technology scouting and innovation development process. Slow decision making and lack of flexibility add to the problem.


Overcoming The Fear Of The “Other”

It is anything but a natural tendency of human minds to be scared of what they perceive as different or new. The same approach is also evident in organizations. Being indifferent to and rejecting what is different or not being receptive to solutions you do not know about can be detrimental to innovation development. Overcoming the wrong innovation mindset involves embracing changes and being open and receptive to ideas, regardless of how bizarre they sound or from where they are coming.


Innovation-driven Character Building

The human resource plays a pivotal role in innovation development and technology adoption in any business organization. One-fifth of the problem is creating an “innovation-driven” character of your workforce. Promote humility within the organization and ensure the ego and stubborn attitudes are discouraged.


Involve All Departments

Often dominant departments like the business department dominate others. When different departments don’t get involved, their mindset starts to resist changes. To them, it comes across as if everything is a mandate, and they have no say. The best approach is to involve all departments in your innovation development process in whatever capacity. It will also help create a pan-dimensional culture of innovation.


Focus On Diversity And Inclusion

Different people think differently. Use these differences as a resource. Focus on diversity and inclusion and consider the ideas and propositions coming from people from different backgrounds. Ensure people within the organization, especially those from the innovation department, interact with other departments and share their experiences.


Training: Organizing Activities To Create Global Innovative Mindset

People, particularly those outside the innovation department, may find it hard to understand innovation, let alone adopt them. About 25% of what’s missing to create an innovation-driven organizational mindset is a lack of understanding of innovation and how to innovate.  Companies that focus on disruptive technologies through innovation development must train their workforce and organize timelier activities to help them develop a global innovative mindset. A part of the process also involves establishing intra-departmental communication and ensuring different departments are aligned with what’s going on in the outside world.

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