A vast majority of businesses tend to go soft or oblivious when it comes to having KPIs in place. Regardless of your “business type,” KPIs are an essential tool to track progress. It is key to achieving organizational goals. However, the challenge is to effectively leverage KPI’s, especially when you’re aiming to create innovative business solutions.



If the approach is not streamlined, innovation growth can be difficult to track and become counterproductive. The first step to effectively leveraging KPIs for innovation growth is to prioritize them. More than often, companies dealing with disruptive technologies do not have KPIs to track their innovation activities. Design KPIs are not a “one box fits all” solution. Designing and creating customised project-specific KPIs is crucial. Compromising with KPI design can be detrimental. Not only will it lead to contamination of data, but will also render your growth tracking management systems inaccurate. Innovative ideas require an innovative approach, it is time you move beyond relying solely on typical metrics like Time and Revenue.


Ask The Right Questions

The path to creating innovative and disruptive solutions that redefine the existing is challenging. It is crucial to ask the right questions to get the correct answers. What questions do you ask to establish if your organization is doing enough to track innovation growth? Make sure you explore beyond the conventional to ensure you’re aligned with your targets. For example, when tracking innovation growth, it is crucial to dig around your proof of concept. Ask questions like how many learning experiments did you conduct? How many third parties did you consider? How many startups have you engaged with? Organize Organising your KPIs is equally essential. Within your company, all different ongoing innovative processes must share a common organizational goal. To track that common progress, it is crucial that despite featuring different metrics, the KPIs are organized to converge at a point and give a more accurate representation of the current standings in terms of innovation development. In conclusion, for a company capitalizing on “innovation development,” it is essential that they effectively leverage KPIs for optimum growth. It is not effortless, but the energy and expertise put into creating effective KPIs eventually pays.

Linked In Post: Tracking innovation development can be challenging. Conventional KPI metrics may not make sense. Here’s a quick guide to effectively leveraging KPIs to accentuate your innovation growth. Facebook Post: Creating disruptive solutions requires a more innovative approach to tracking the product development processes. Beyond the typical KPI metrics, modern business solutions should be focussing on customised KPIs and asking the right questions to effectively track and report innovation development.

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