The key to effective technology scouting is focusing on matching solutions. Your technology scouting approach and strategy must prioritize finding matching solutions that best fit your business needs.


Streamlining Your Technology Scouting

Every year new technologies are developed and there are already so many different kinds of existing solutions in the market that if you are to prioritize technology and solutions, the options are way too many to scrutinize them all. All of it makes technology scouting a challenge. By focussing on finding the matching solution for your business needs you can weed out technologies and streamline your technology scouting approach and save time and energy discussing and testing solutions that won’t be adopted eventually.


Easier To Align Corporate Goals And Innovation Development

Focussing on finding matching solutions makes it easier to align your corporate goals with the innovation development and adoption of new technologies. The business or the marketing departments focus on corporate goals while the innovation department focuses on impressive technologies. Focusing on a matching solution to fulfil the business needs helps bridge the gap between the two departments as you can align your technology scouting and adoption with the business goals. It also makes it easier to convince the business department and the management.


If You Don’t Focus On “Why,” You May Not Get The Best Solution

Technology scouting is an extensive process and a crucial component of innovation development within an organization. While scouting for novel solutions, often, with so many different options available it is easy to forget why exactly you need those solutions. This leads to a problem where despite testing and considering multiple options you don’t make any significant progress, and it turns out that your technology scouting approach becomes directionless. Throughout the process, you must prioritize finding matching solutions and it will help you focus on why you need a novel solution in the first place. It will not only make your technology scouting process effective but also significantly less time-consuming.


Helps Overcome Mindset Challenges

Consider presenting solutions to the business department and the management that are not aligned to the defined organizational goal. Regardless of how impressive the idea or the solution is, the business department will not be very willing to take the risks to invest in an approach that is not prioritizing the specific business needs. It will negatively impact the innovation mindset as it is but it is natural for them to be unwilling to go out of their comfort zone and allocate budget and time for something which is not aligned with their needs. Focusing on a matching solution that fits the business needs will keep them motivated to adopt and invest in new technologies.

While it is important to focus on matching solutions, it is critical that you have to be technology agnostic in the process. Focus on the outcomes of technology and compare and contrast how these outcomes fit your business requirements. In the meanwhile, stay away from Buzzwords and don’t get caught up in the marketing gimmicks.

Get the Mastering Technology Scouting Guide

Get the Mastering Technology Scouting Guide

Innovation runs fast. Every year thousands of new solutions come to light. Nevertheless, it is acceptable to spend months in finding a unique technology solution matching a company's needs and even years in achieving the adoption of the technology. But with the large pool of technologies available on the market, why does it need such an enormous amount of time to find matching solutions? Download the Mastering Technology Scouting Guide - and we will show you how to boost your innovation process.